Modern Architecture in History
Anderson, Richard

Reaktion Books, 356 blz., 2015, ISBN 9781780235035
Russia´s architecture has both been shaped by, and came to embody, the nation´s rapid cultural, economic and social revolutions as it went from one of the largest empires in world history to the dominant republic of the Soviet Union and ultimately to the Russian Federation as we know it today. Yet it has also had a complex relationship with global architecural culture. Russia was the birthplace of Rationalism and Constructivism in the 1920s, a key protagonist during the Cold War when Russian architectural institutions departed from the course of modernism being developed in capitalist countries, and made a lasting yet little-known impact on territories extending from the Middle East to Central Asia and China. Anderson brings the relationship between architecture and socialism into focus by situating buildings and architectural concepts within the milieu of Soviet society. His reappraisal of the architecture of the Stalin era and the final decades of the USSR challenges received interpretations of modern architecture in Russia. This bold new assessment of Russia´s architectural legacy and contemporary production is a fascinating exploration of a tumultuous place and the creativity that has emerged from it.
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