Krieg ohne Krieg/War Without War

Schade, Meinrad (Photography)

Schedegger & Spiess, 263 blz., gebonden, 2015, ISBN 9783858814524
When does a war begin and when is it over? Traces that remain in the landscape. Emotional scars, are passed omn to the offspring. In 2003. documentary photographer Maeinrad Schade, born in Switzerland in 1968, documented a fragile everyday life hovering bewteen war and peace in the countries that arose after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In Chechnya, the destruction of Ingushetsia, the life of displaced persons; in Kazkhstan, the aftermath of cold-war nuclear weapon testing; in Russia and in the Ukraine, commemoration rituals, parades. What becomes clear are the consequences arising for individuals, when past and present remain stuck in a vicious circle. With essays by Nadine Olonetzky, Fred Ritchin, Mikhail Shishkin, and Daniel Wechlin.
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