The White Guard

Bulgakov, Mikhail

Vintage Classics, 304 blz., paperback, 2006, ISBN 9780099490661

'The tumultuous atmosphere of the Ukrainian revolution and civil war is brilliantly evoked' - Daily Telegraph

Discover Mikhail Bugakov's classic literary love letter to the city of Kyiv.
Drawing closely on Bulgakov's personal experiences of the horrors of civil war as a young doctor, The White Guard takes place in Kyiv, 1918, a time of turmoil and suffocating uncertainty as the Bolsheviks, Socialists and Germans fight for control of the city. It tells the story of the Turbins, a once-wealthy Russian family, as they are forced to come to terms with revolution and a new regime. Bulgakov's first novel, The White Guard is one of the greatest works of twentieth century Russian literature. As epic a chronicle of life and death in the Russian Empire as War and Peace.
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