380 Most Commonly Used Chinese Verbs

Sinolingua, 421 blz., 2004, ISBN 9787800525285
This book surveys the most commonly used Chinese verbs and explains the usages of the verbs, with pertinent examples. It clearly distinguishes the subtle differences between synonymous verbs. Explanations are in both Chinese and English.
380 Most Commonly Used Chinese Verbs is a textbook and work of reference designed for learners with an intermediate level of Chinese. It can also be used as supplementary or teach yourself material. The book deals with 380 verbs which are in the most common use, many of which are similar in meaning to each other. Through examples and comparisons, the learner's ability to use the Chinese in a wide variety of situations will be improved. The book is divided into two parts; the first part deals with monosyllabic verbs, and the second part with dysillabic verbs. The styles of the two parts are a little different: The examples given for monosyllabic verbs include phrases and sentences, but for disyllabic verbs only sentences are given. The verbs are arranged alphabetically, according to their pinyin order. The book defers from other reference books in that it puts emphasis on those connotations which are easily confused, but not on elaborating all the meanings of the verbs. The explanations are given both in Chinese and English to help learners understand and master the basic vocabulary and sentence patterns.
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