A Key to Chinese Speech and Writing: Volume 1

Joël Bellassen / Zhang Pengpeng

Sinolingua, 276 blz., 2007, ISBN 9787800525070

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The two volumes that make up this method of learning Chinese are intended for students with no previous knowledge of the language.
This introductory course not only serves as a textbook but also as a guide, which, through a variety of routes (etymology, semantics, linguistics, graphics and culture), can help you think in Chinese. The aim of this course is to present the Chinese language as it is: a world of signs with their origin and the logic of their composition, represented by the most frequently used ones. The 400 characters featured in Volume 1 will enable you to recognize at leat 70 % of the characters used in books and newspapers. A unique language like Chinese necessitates an original approach and teaching method. More than just a guide to reading and speaking Chinese, this course is above all a way of embracing the culture and mentality of hte Chinese people.
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