A Key to Chinese Speech and Writing: Volume 2

Joël Bellassen / Zhang Pengpeng

Sinolingua, 337 blz., 2004, ISBN 9787800525087

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The two volumes that make up this method of learning Chinese are intended for students with no previous knowledge of the language.
This volume opens up new vistas for the further advancement of your knowledge of Chinese, employing the same method as Volume 1: a way of learning Chinese taking into account its uniqueness as a written language of characters. In 25 lessons an addition of 500 of the most fequently used characters is introduced in a wider context of about 4000 words formed with them. The total 900 characters introduced in the two volumes allow you to recognize 90% of the Chinese characters met with in everyday reading. Mastering this volume will enable you to reach a level corresponding to two years of university studies. The contents of these texts are very diversified, including extracts from literature, Beijing opera themes, Chinese traditional medicine, advertisements, customs and traditions, newsbriefs, ancient tales, letters to the editor, etc...
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