Contemporary Chinese 4: Textbook

Wu Zhongwei

Sinolingua, 219 blz., 2004, ISBN 9787800529375
Intended for English-speaking learners, these Chinese teaching materials are designed to develop the learner's ability to listen, speak, read and write, as well as the ability to communicate in social settings.
This textbook consists of text, vocabulary, notes, grammar, and cultural background. The texts, given in both simplified and unsimplified characters, also include "pinyin" and English translation. This textbook: - is concise, practical, authentic, and topical, - is adaptable to the varied needs of different types of students, - gives equal attention to listening, speaking, reading and writing, - guides your learning step by step. After working through Volume 4, you should have a good command of 487 Chinese words and expressions. The following are to be used together with the Textbook: Exercise Book Audio and Video Materials Teacher's Book The whole series of Contemporary Chinese consists of four volumes.
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