Learn Chinese with Me 4: Workbook

Peoples education, 143 blz., 2006, ISBN 9787107182723
As a supplement to Learn Chinese with Me Student's Book 4, this workbook is mainly designed for homework. However, these exercises can also at the teacher's discretion be used as classwork.
There are altogether 6 units including 18 lessons, each of which contains 8-10 exercises, such as exercises on Pinyin, Chinese characters, vocabulary and sentence patterns. Since this workbook is intended for those who have already learned a certain amount of Chinese, we have kept in mind the following principles. 1. In terms of vocabulary, exercises are designed to focus on the recognition and reading of the new words introduced in the lesson. in this type of exercise the students are required to supply correct Pinyin for the given words and to be able to write some important ones. Unlike Workbook 1, there are no more exercises on sound discrimination or tone practice of Pinyin. 2. In terms of Chinese characters, the principle is still being able to identify and read Chinese characters first, followed by being able to write them. This workbook, in accordance with the text, can gradually familiarize the students with the basic structures, basic strokes, common components and stroke order of Chinese characters. During such a process, identifying and reading Chinese characters always comes before writing. 3. We insured that the introduction of Chinese is done in an integrated and systematic way; at the same time we tried to make every exercise interesting. Therefore, we added some pictures and other amusing forms of exercises.
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