Babushka's Journey

The Dark Road to Stalin's Wartime Camps
Krueger, Marcel
I.B. Tauris, 272 blz., gebonden, 2017, ISBN 9781784538019
Is the record of his grandmother's journey from the snowcovered battlefields of East Prsussia in January 1945 to the Soviet labour camps in the Urals, were she spent five years before returning to Germany. Chasing the sights, sounds and voices of past and present along this route, the author has created both fictionalised historical narrative and contemporary travelogue, covering two different journeys that follow the same path. As he stumbles thropugh the bars of present-day Poland and dreams on the bunk beds of the tras-Siberian railwaym Kruker forges an authentic retelling of Cilly's tragic yet hopeful story, discovering that her yourney relects tes of thousands of simular personal histories, whicj continue to haunt Germany, Poland and Russia today.
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