Red Closet

The Hidden History of Gay Oppression in the USSR
Alexander, Rustam
Manchester University Press, 288 blz., gebonden, 2023, ISBN 9781526167453
In 1934, Joseph Stalin enacted sodomy laws, unleashing a wave of brutal detentions of homosexual men in large Soviet cities. Rustam Alexander recounts the compelling stories of people whose lives were directly affected by those laws, including a naïve Scottish journalist based in Moscow who dared to write to Stalin in an attempt to save his lover from prosecution, and a homosexual theatre student who came to Moscow in pursuit of a career amid Stalin's harsh repressions and mass arrests. We also meet a fearless doctor in Siberia who provided medical treatment for gay men at his own peril, and a much-loved Soviet singer who hid his homosexuality from the secret police.

Each vignette helps paint the hitherto unknown picture of how Soviet oppression of gay people originated and was perpetuated from Stalin's rule until the demise of the USSR. This book comes at a time when homophobia is again rearing its ugly head under Putin's rule.

Rustam Alexander is a historian and independent scholar who obtained his PhD from the University of Melbourne. He is the author of Regulating homosexuality in Soviet Russia, 1956-91: A different history.

As President Putin ramps up his anti-queer attacks, this book is particularly timely and important. Alexander has done a superb job of telling the history of homosexuality in Russia since the Revolution, and his book deserves to be widely read.
- Dennis Altman, gay rights activist and author of Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation and Global Sex

At a time when President Putin's regime is viciously repressing Russia's LGBTQ community and criminalizing anyone who speaks up about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans lives, the appearance of this book is an important act of resistance. Red Closet brings to life stories of gay oppression in the Soviet Union and traces some of the roots of contemporary Russia's homophobia.
- Dan Healey, University of Oxford, author of Russian Homophobia from Stalin to Sochi

Rustam Alexander has undertaken rigorous archival research with great passion to produce a superb book. His narrative is refreshingly free of academic jargon and theory but Red Closet can be appreciated by a wide readership.
- Stephen Bourne, author of Fighting Proud: The Untold Story of the Gay Men who Served in Two World Wars
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