Siberian Exiles 2

Freedom Fighters
Heinermann, Claudia
Selfpublished, 465 blz., gebonden, 2023, ISBN 9789081408967
SIBERIAN EXILES is a trilogy about the deportations from the Baltic States to Siberia under the Soviet regime. Part 2 is based on the freedom fighters and the organized resistance against the second Soviet occupation.

When the Red Army advanced westward in 1944 and drove the Germans out of the Baltic states, the Baltic people knew what awaited them if they were reoccupied by the Soviets. A new wave of violence and repression was expected. Because of this, there was a strong willingness among the Baltic people to resist and fight for independence. In 1944 an armed war against the occupiers started which would least until 1956. The partisan movement could only work with the population’s help.

Claudia Heinermann travelled through the Baltic States to delve into the archives, and to wander through the vast forests that had been a hiding place for many partisans for so long. She met with elderly resistance fighters to record their impressive life stories
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