Myth Making in the Soviet Union and Modern Russia

Remembering World War II in Brezhnev's Hero City
Davis, Vicky-
I.B.Tauris, 351 blz., gebonden, 2017, ISBN 9781784539481
The 1943 battle to free the Soviet Black Sea port of Novorossiisk from German occupation was fought from the beach head of Malaia zemlia, where the young Colonel Leonid Brezhnew saw action. Despite widespread scepiticism of the state's appropriation and inflation of this historical event, the heroes of the campaign are still commemorated in Novorossiisk today by an amalgam of memoir, monuments and ritual. Through the prism of this provincial Russian town, Vicky Davis sheds light on the character of Brezhnev as perceived by his people, and on the process of memory for the ordinarry Russian citizen.
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