POES 27: The aquisition of gender and case in Polish and Russian

A study of monolingual and bilingual children
Janssen, Bibi
Pegasus, 324 blz., 2016, ISBN 9789061434238
This study focuses on the acquisition of the gender and case system in young Polish and Russian children in order to establish the language-specific phonetic factors that might influence the acquisition of these systems. It is the first study that uses a research paradigm comparing two closely related languages, both on the production and comprehension of gender and case, in monolinguals and bilinguals. In conclusion, this study has shown that the reduced amount of phonetic clarity, the lower morphophonological regularity (expressed by the larger number of endings in Russian compared to Polish), and the low frequency of the end-stressed pattern result in Russian children being slower in the acquisition of gender and case. In future studies, this paradigm can be applied to the study of other, also non-Slavic languages, by adding other cases, the plural or involving agreement with adjectives in the oblique cases and past tense verbs.
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