POES 4: Pis'ma v Sigeysk (Letters to 'Sigeysk')

Vvedenie i kommentarii Sergey Sigey
Nikolay Khardzhiev
Pegasus, 295 blz., 2006, ISBN 9789061432937
POES is een serie studies op het gebied van de Oost-Europese taalkunde, letterkunde, cultuurkunde en geschiedenis onder redactie van prof. dr. Raymond Detrez, prof. dr. Wim Honselaar, prof. dr. Thomas Langerak en prof. dr. Willem Weststeijn.
From 1981 to 1987 Nikolay Ivanovich Khardzhiev (1903-1993), the famous connoisseur of the Russian historical avant-garde, and Sergey Vsevolodovich Sigey (1947), poet and artist of the new Russian avant-garde, were rather close. Sigey, at that time living in the town of Eysk on the Sea of Azov, regularly sent Khardzhiev his publications and sometimes visited him in Moscow. Together they worked on an edition of the collected works of the poet Vasilisk Gnedov. During the years of their friendship and collaboration Khardzhiev wrote Sigey a number of letters. Into many of them he included his own poems, which subsequently were published in the now famous avant-garde handmade journal Transponans (five copies per issue), a project of Sigey and his wife Ry Nikonova. Pis'ma v Sigeysk ("Letters to Sigeysk") contains all the letters Khardzhiev sent to Sigey. The latter's extensive commentaries are of almost equal length as Khardzhiev's letters and more or less function as a kind of answers to them. The correspondence and commentary, lavishly illustrated by Sigey and Nikonova, form an extremely interesting chapter in the history of the Russian avant-garde of the twentieth century. This publication is in Russian.
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