POES 8: The Case of the Avant-Garde

Willem G. Weststeijn (ed.)
Pegasus, 643 blz., 2008, ISBN 9789061433224
POES is een serie studies op het gebied van de Oost-Europese taalkunde, letterkunde, cultuurkunde en geschiedenis onder redactie van prof. dr. Raymond Detrez, prof. dr. Wim Honselaar, prof. dr. Thomas Langerak en prof. dr. Willem Weststeijn.
The Case of the Avant-Garde / ДЕЛО АВАНГАРДА' contains twenty-six essays on the Russian historical avant-garde. The contributions have an unusually wide scope and cover the entire field of the avant-garde. The contributions give evidence of the great cultural importance of the Russian avant-garde, which can pride itself on having leading exponents in all the arts. Ther publication contains articles on artistic, historical and cultural aspects of the Russian avant-garde; on the poets of Russian Futurism, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Velimir Khlebnikov, on the role of folklore in Russian language and society in the 1920s, on the philosophical background of the Russian avant-garde and on important painters, musicians and directors such as Malevich, Stravinsky, Eisenstein and Meyerhold. Contributors include well-known scholars such as V.V. Ivanov, T.V. Tsivyan, G.A. Levinton, M.I. Shapir and S.Yu. Neklyudov. This publication is in Russian, only the introduction by Willem G. Weststeijn is in English.
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