POES 9: Provocation and Extravagance

In Modern Russian Literature and Culture
Pegasus, 180 blz., 2008, ISBN 9789061433248
POES is een serie studies op het gebied van de Oost-Europese taalkunde, letterkunde, cultuurkunde en geschiedenis onder redactie van prof. dr. Raymond Detrez, prof. dr. Wim Honselaar, prof. dr. Thomas Langerak en prof. dr. Willem Weststeijn.
This publication contains twelve articles on the phenomenon of provocation and extravagance during the avant-garde period, but also the after-effects thereof in the period of Stalinism and of Post-Stalinist and Post-communist Russia. It zooms in on key moments of Russian cultural history, but also aims to pose some objectively critical questions about the phenomena themselves and put them in a wider context. contents POES 9 Provocation and Extravagance (16 kB) preface POES 9 Provocation and Extravagance (35 kB) Proceedings of the international Colloquium Provocation an Extravagance in Modern Russian Literature and Culture (Brussels, October 27-29, 2005). Edited by Ben Dhooge, Thomas Langerak, Eric Metz.
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