Georgian Dictionary & Phrasebook

Georgian - English / English - Georgian
Awde, Nicholas; Khitarishvili, Thea
Hippocrene Books Inc., 236 blz., paperback, 2020, ISBN 9780781812429
Suitable for visitors to Georgia, this book allows users to read signs or point to a phrase they're trying to say. Revised edition
Georgian (Kartuli) is the official language of the country of Georgia, a former Soviet republic. It is also spoken by hundreds of thousands in Turkey, Iran, Russia, Europe and the U.S. This easy-to-use phrasebook employs both the Georgian and Roman alphabets to aid instant communication. The 2-way dictionary contains more than 6,000 entries and the 35 phrasebook chapters cover travel, shopping, dining, transportation, healthcare, sightseeing and winter sports.
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