Russian For All Occasions

A Russian-English Dictionary of Collocations and Expressions
Khairov, Shamil; Dunn, John
Routledge Taylor & Francis Ltd, 712 blz., paperback, 2019, ISBN 9781138960725
Russian For All Occasions: A Russian-English Dictionary of Collocations and Expressions presents 10,000 formal and informal modern Russian expressions that users are likely to encounter either in speech or writing.

The entries take the form of collocations, phrases or short sentences, and each entry is accompanied by a translation which provides the English communicative fragment corresponding most closely to the Russian original. Longer explanations are provided for phrases that learners might otherwise find difficult to interpret correctly. Entries are arranged thematically, with an alphabetical index of key Russian and English words to help users navigate the dictionary.

Russian For All Occasions is a unique resource for intermediate to advanced students of Russian. The range of ready-made and contextualised expressions presented here will help learners improve their active command of Russian.
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