Russian Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook

Conjunctions and Connective Words in Context to Make Your Russian More Fluent (Review and Practice)
Lingo Mastery, 224 blz., paperback, 2020, ISBN 9781951949204

Have you ever had the feeling that Russian grammar rules are keeping you from properly learning the language? Are you stumbling when trying to learn its conjunctions and grammatical tools? To be honest, most foreign language learners who attempt to grasp the rules of the Russian language end up having trouble navigating their way around all the complicated parts of the tongue. This is unfortunate, because it keeps people from enjoying the beauty and usefulness of the Russian tongue, a language spoken by over 160 million people worldwide.

Russian Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook is a grammar book with exercises that give you an entirely fresh, fun approach to the learning of Russian, and while it covers a grammar-related topic, it's not what you would call a conventional grammar book. All the basic information you need to know about Russian conjunctions is presented in an easy-to-understand manner and accompanied with lots of practice-oriented material. In this book, you will discover:

· Theoretical information about Russian conjunctions and conjunctive words with examples in context in both Russian and English, for increased understanding!
· Various forms of exercises that are graded in difficulty and developed towards allowing you to put your knowledge into practice.
· Multiple-choice exercises to help you take your first steps into Russian with new words and structures.
· Exercises where you'll be asked to join parts of sentences, which will develop your logical thinking and help you understand the lexical and grammatical environment around each conjunction.
· Conversations and small texts based on daily situations that not only contain the studied conjunctions but are also full of helpful vocabulary and information related to Russian culture.

Once you fill all the conjunctions in, you can retell the texts and act out the conversations.

We have done our best to provide you with an out of the box language learning solution. The next step is yours! Get a copy of Russian Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook to start another challenging journey that will take you to the next level of Russian language mastery!

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