POES 37: Myth-making and Nation-Building. Ziia Buniiatov and the Construction of the Azerbaijani Past

Crombach, Sara
Pegasus, 258 blz., paperback, 2023, ISBN 9789061434863

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This work is devoted to the Soviet post-World War II discourse on Azerbaijani history, which Crombach studies through the life and works of Ziia Musaevich Buniiatov, Hero of the Soviet Union, historian and orientalist, born in Baku in 1923, and assassinated in 1997. Crombach explores Buniiatov’s publications and his role in the development of an Azerbaijani national identity. By analysing his historical writings from the late 1950s to the Perestroika period, and into the 1990s, when Azerbaijani nationalism culminated in the escalation of the territorial conflict with Armenia over Nagornyi Karabakh, I attempted to establish in how far Buniiatov provided the basis for this escalation.
Next to studying his publications, Crombach also explored Buniiatov’s biography, his political role in society, his relations with the Azerbaijani Party boss (and later president) Geidar Aliev, and with the Popular Front in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The construction of what she calls the “Buniiatov myth” is of crucial importance with regard to both his personal image and the perception of his work as a scholar.
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